Monday, July 30, 2018

"Sweet Intoxication.."

I really can't help myself. When I watch one of my favorites "Phantom of the Opera" I always succumb to "sweet intoxication" as the Phantom serenades Christine in his dark lair.  Wearing a 19th century wedding gown Christine unwillingly becomes his bride to save her true love Raoul. Oh the drama!!

Wedding gowns obviously shouldn't been purchased and worse worn in duress, but occasionally they are when the bride is just not quite satisfied with her choice. Is there a "buyers remorse" phenomenon in the wedding gown industry? The answer can be as complicated as a bride's emotional journey toward her wedding day. Some brides clearly change their mind due to circumstances beyond her control. However, if that remorseful feeling surfaces hours post purchase clearly it is not the right gown and should be rectified immediately before the boutique proceeds with an order. In my mind I know to refund a bride's deposit within 24 hours of purchase, but I've never had to thus far.

I aim for that "sweet intoxication" with each client I work with. Falling out of love with her gown hasn't happened yet in twenty years. A stylist should be as exuberent as her client when the bride decides to purchase a gown. When this occurs the stylist has done her job, the bride leaves intoxicated :)

Phantom's Christine Daae might have been lured into her wedding gown (and a beautiful one I might add), but this can only happen on stage. FInding the dress should be geniune and blissful. The less drama the better for any bride. I'll stick to relying on the Phantom for my drama fix.

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