Sunday, March 26, 2017


Upon first gaze it had me. When I first heard the sound of fabric colliding along the breeze of movement, it captured my heart. It's the skirt of a ballgown. The sight and sound of swingy swish, puffy, angelic layers of ethereal fabric creates an indelible image of femininity and grace I adore.

The recent movie I just had the pleasure of seeing delivers that skirt with lots of "swish". Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" floats in her yellow ballgown. It was beautifully designed by costume designer Jaqueline Durran. She updated the look of Belle's ballgown without sacrificing the dreamy romantic garment we associate with Belle as she glided over the dance floor falling in love with her prince.

These iconic images of fashion in pop culture do unknowingly permeate our minds. When brides shop for their special gown, perhaps they turn to those ballgown images that conjure the level of "swish" they want. I have to admit when a client asks for me a ballgown in its truest form with yards of skirt fabric, "swish" and that sound only a ballgown makes, my heart skips a beat!

2017 "Beauty and the Beast" Costumes by Jaqueline Durran

The movie obviously made every effort to give the audience Belle's iconic dress as it is almost a character itself. There were dress sneak peaks and interviews with the designer well before the movie opened to market the film.  Miniature Belle gowns were stocked in toy departments everywhere to give little girls that anticipated excitement of Belle on the big screen. Disney released another gown photo not revealing when it would be worn by Belle. 
"Beauty and the Beast" Belle's celebration gown

The use of ballgowns to market a film stresses the importance of these garments and their imagery.  Whether you choose lots or very little "swish" in your gown, you will still glide across the dance floor as you fall more in love with your prince. <3

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